Who is Pull Your Ex Back Creator Ryan Hall?

pull your ex back ebookAs his program Pull Your Ex Back has become increasingly popular many folks are curious to learn more about the programs creator Ryan Hall so I wanted to put together a short Ryan Hall bio for those of you seeking more information on this new somewhat reluctant relationship guru…

Ryan Hall has quickly become one of the world’s most respected relationship coaches following the release of his uber popular course, however before the programs release he was virtually unknown in the dating and relationship advice world. Hall is neither a psychologist nor a marriage counselor of any kind and credits his keen insights into the psychology of relationship to his own personal experiences and ongoing research.

This being said, many of Hall’s followers report that they prefer learning from someone who provides them with straight forward advice that they can take action on, rather than just listening to some so-called “expert”‘s psychobabble

In my opinion, Ryan is a very cool, laid back individual who really cares about helping people without trying to get himself into the media spotlight the way that some other flashy celebrity-type relationship gurus do.

Certainly Hall’s track record of success helping coupes get back together is a good sign that he is somebody one can trust when addressing these delicate matters of the heart.

You can read my review of Ryan Hall’s Pull Your Ex Back here… or Click Here for the Official Site…



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