Pull Your Ex Back Review – Controversial Inside Look Reveals ALL!

PULL YOUR EX BACK REVIEWOkay, here it is, my official review of Ryan Hall’s best-selling “Pull Your Ex Back” program… I set up this little website just to talk about the Pull Your Ex Back program and to compare it with some of the other Ex-Back programs out there…

These days there is advice on how to get your ex back all over the web and it makes me a little bit mad because I really don’t think that most of the people talking about how to get your ex back really have any business teaching this stuff what so ever!

I’ve been dumped (more than a couple times :( ) andI know just how painful and confusing it can be to be in that position where you feel like you would probably do just about ANYTHING to get back with your ex but you just don’t know what to do… But enough about me, let’s talk about Pull Your Ex Back and my opinion of the program…

Pull Your Ex Back – What it’s All About…

As you might imagine, the Pull Your Ex Back program is all about how to get your ex back after a breakup. In the course program creator Ryan Hall goes into detail explaining the psychology behind why your ex REALLY broke up with you (the reason they tell you is almost never the real reason!)

What’s great about the program is that it’s provides a lot of scientific understanding on the psychology of your ex and how to work with that psychology to get your ex back without getting lost on theory land.

This is my favorite thing about Ryan Hall, unlike so many other so called “relationship experts” he doesn’t get go over board with the “personal improvement” stuff or tell you how to think about things differently. Instead he just gives you an action plan to get your ex back that you can follow step by step.

While he does take the time to explain why his program works, and the principles that his methods are based on there really isn’t any “fluff” material in this course, it’s pretty much all meat.

The general idea is that by  getting your ex to start to think about you the way that they did when they still wanted to be with you one can get their ex to start feeling all of those warm emotions of love, affection, and desire again.

Triggering these emotions while simultaneously erasing all of the negative thoughts that they have been thinking is the key to getting them to not only want you back, but to getting them to actually think that it was their idea and start pursuing you!

As Ryan explains in the program this is done by working with your ex’s “emotional brain” which is the part of them that is really making these big important decisions.

While some of Ryan’s methods could be described as “psychological tricks” I think that anyone SERIOUS about getting there ex back probably feels pretty okay about doing what it takes to make that happen.

My Recommendation On Pull Your Ex Back

As I just mentioned this program works by using psychological tactics to get your ex to feel the way that they used to about you, so that you can get back together.

That idea may not sit well with some… And for those people, I wish you the best of luck.

The thing to realize is that we all use “psychology” everyday in all of our social interactions to get people to like us and to get the results that we want when dealing with others, so this isn’t really that out of the ordinary…

Also, a good thing about Ryan’s methods is that they are a long term solution and not a quick fix, so once you learn these methods you can use them to keep things good once you and your ex have gotten back together…

I have bought many courses on this subject and in my opion Pull Your Ex Back is the best one ever released, by a LANDSLIDE.

To learn more about Pull Your Ex Back, or to get your copy, CLICK HERE!

I hope you have enjoyed my Pull Your Ex Back review :) now go get your ex back!

How To Make Him Desire You Review – Training For Ladies Only!

how to make him desire youHey, hey ;)

While I set up this site specifically to talk about Ryan Hall’s Pull Your Ex Back, another home training course has recent come to my attention and I wanted to review it for you as well!

This program is called “How To Make Him Desire You” and as you can imagine based off the title the whole idea is to teach women how to get a guy that they want to really desire them.

Now some of you may be thinking that this program would be filled with basic advice like “lose weight” or “get a cute outfit” but that is not what this course is about at all. Instead, this course shows you how to get a man (who may not be interested in you at all right now) to be filled with very, very powerful desire for you, by using certain psychological tricks, similar to those taught in Pull Your Ex Back

What You’ll Learn Inside “How To Make Him Desire You”…

If you have ever bought a course on how to improve your love life then you are likely to be surprised by the content inside “How To Make Him Desire You”… Frankly when I started reviewing this course I expected it to be like the other dozen or so that I had been through that each offer the same basic concepts with a “gold nugget” or two thrown in here and there…

This may sound jaded, but at this point if I am able to learn just one new method that will help me in my dating life to bring about a positive change then I consider the course a good investment… In other words I don’t expect a whole heck of a lot at this point.

“How To Make Him Desire You” however is literally PACKED with new all unique methods and techniques that I have never seen anywhere else ever before. There was like a gold nugget on every page of the ebook as well as in the free bonus reports that were included.

The program explains that you can tap into what the program creator Alex Carter calls the “impulsive part” of the male mind to create “Positive Discomfort”… This may sound like a complex endeavor, but really the ideas themselves are quite simple and easy to implement. In fact you may feel like you can’t believe that you didn’t think of some of these things on your own because they seem almost obvious, but yet few of us implement these methods…

Important Notes On How To Make Him Desire You…

One thing that really makes this course stand out from others on this topic of attracting men and filling them with desire is that it was designed to make men fall CRAZY in love with you, so that they will basically become obsessed and feel like a love-struck teenager… So some of these methods are not things that you would necessarily want to use on a guy who you aren’t sure about yet or you might turn him into some kind of stalker!

Also, while you might get the impression that this is a program just for single women who are looking to snag a new guy, this program is also something that you may want to try if you are in a relationship but your man is acting like he has something better to do than to spend time with you and you are worried that the relationship may be in trouble…

So, it is my personal opinion that this course would probably be great for just about any woman who doesn’t already have the guy that she wants wrapped around her little finger :) Alex Carter, nice work…

For more information on How To Make Him Desire You or instant access CLICK HERE!

Hope you liked my How To Make Him Desire You review!

Who is Pull Your Ex Back Creator Ryan Hall?

pull your ex back ebookAs his program Pull Your Ex Back has become increasingly popular many folks are curious to learn more about the programs creator Ryan Hall so I wanted to put together a short Ryan Hall bio for those of you seeking more information on this new somewhat reluctant relationship guru…

Ryan Hall has quickly become one of the world’s most respected relationship coaches following the release of his uber popular course, however before the programs release he was virtually unknown in the dating and relationship advice world. Hall is neither a psychologist nor a marriage counselor of any kind and credits his keen insights into the psychology of relationship to his own personal experiences and ongoing research.

This being said, many of Hall’s followers report that they prefer learning from someone who provides them with straight forward advice that they can take action on, rather than just listening to some so-called “expert”‘s psychobabble

In my opinion, Ryan is a very cool, laid back individual who really cares about helping people without trying to get himself into the media spotlight the way that some other flashy celebrity-type relationship gurus do.

Certainly Hall’s track record of success helping coupes get back together is a good sign that he is somebody one can trust when addressing these delicate matters of the heart.

You can read my review of Ryan Hall’s Pull Your Ex Back here… or Click Here for the Official Site…